- Campaign Strategist / Manager, DC, USA

Campaign Strategist / Manager
Fight for The Future

Location: USA – Washington, DC

Description – 

Our organization is focused on developing high-impact campaigns that resonate with people and help them band together to exert their power. The Campaign Manager/ Manager position is one of the most important roles in our work - it is central to the organization and its effectiveness. If you ever wanted to build online experiences that reach out, grab people, and help them change the world, then this is the job for you. We’re looking for someone to continue to build that organization with us, from the ground up.

We’re looking for someone smart and savvy and who can be funny and playful with ideas; we’re looking for someone who can speak to people’s humor, fears and what gets them going; and we want someone who has purposeful humor and creativity as well as poignant ideas and language that can cut through political gridlock and debate.

We look for people with a rigorous and thought-provoking perspective on a wide range of political issues, and especially on tech and policy. We want you to be a thinker and someone who can synthesize a problem or an idea out of ordinary interaction and frustrations / struggles.

You should be able to think on your feet, be organized, optimize organizational and project plans and work load, manage/delegate the different pieces of a campaign (outreach, press, writing, product) and set up the organization for long term growth. You will also interface with others, so to some extent you should have smart, powerful ideas to share with others. You should understand and be able to express in ways that resonate with your audience the nuances and overarching themes of tech policy, free internet principles, and organizing on the ground and online.

We’d especially enjoy someone who has a wide interest in pulling off tactics and strategy and using whatever resources are at their disposal—you should have an interest in using law, policies, pop culture, music, philosophy, subcultural themes, memes, language, history, media, organizing playbooks, and whatever else is out there to pull off a really hard-hitting and exciting campaign for the right audience.

We’re hiring for senior to mid-level campaigners who have experience with digital or traditional organizing but generally want to innovate to win.

We have several positions, so if you have skills and expertise with just one aspect of campaigning but truly excel at it—from digital growth to on the ground activism—we want to hear from you.

Desired Skills & Experience

Writing for a large audience

Running campaigns on high-impact issues

Managing campaigns and responses to a fast-changing, dynamic field

Working with a large variety of people, groups, and companies and spreading the message to as many stakeholders as possible

Fighting against money in politics and heavily-funded lobbying teams

Playing a key role in the planning and strategy of campaign organizing and organization growth

Leading or starting a coalition

Finding and securing new sources for campaigns

You Should Also Have Experience

Running online campaigns that grow fast

Crafting exciting and persuasive actions

Using online and traditional media to achieve broad visibility (including by talking with press)

Fighting hard for something


Market Rate / Commensurate with Experience Full health and dental benefits Office support


The team will be 100% remote-no need to commute or relocate. If you’re interested in relocation, let us know. We’d start working with you on a contract basis at an hourly rate, but we will be able to offer full-time position with competitive salary and benefits to the right person.

To Apply

To apply, fill out the application here. Show us that you excel at the things we’re looking for. If you like, include links to or samples of your writing—ideally in situations where you’re writing to persuade a group of people too. Include as much relevant information as possible: significant things you’ve done, projects you’ve worked on, etc. Being well-rounded is a plus, so don’t exclude significant skills or achievements just because they aren’t activism related (e.g. starting a business, or being a musician).

To Apply

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Posted on 5 July 2017
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