- Spring 2018 Internship, USA

Spring 2018 Internship

Stand Up Republic


Stand Up Republic seeks two Spring 2018 interns to assist the entire team with communications, policy and advocacy work.


With the two major political parties moving toward ideological extremes and embracing populist rhetoric and demagoguery, Stand Up Republic unites Americans across the political spectrum around the ideals of liberty, equality and truth. The future of America depends on defending the democratic norms, ideals and institutions that have sustained our progress for nearly 250 years such as freedom of speech, the press and religion, rule of law and separation of powers.


While we as a nation hold our leaders accountable to basic Constitutional principles, we must also work to address new challenges to our individual and collective prosperity such as technology-driven disruption to the way we work, live and relate to each other. Stand Up Republic, along with Stand Up Ideas, puts country over Party to identify solutions and facilitate the conversations necessary to sustaining the health and prosperity of America. We must address looming threats to American democracy with reason and resolve rather than enable demagogues to exploit cultural anxieties and divide the country.



GPA 3.2 and above

Junior level or above

Minimum 3 days a week


If you are interested in applying for this role, please send your resume and a cover letter with the subject line Spring 2018 Internship to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Job posted on 6th December 2017

Please mention Political Jobs when applying to this position