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Sunday, 23 April 2017


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Political Jobs containing jobs in political parties, political consultancies, parliaments and senates worldwide and political campaigning jobs. Political Jobs was launched in 2005. It is owned by NDM Solutions Ltd.

Political Jobs' sister sites include:
- Policy Library - a social, economic and foreign policy resource site containing details of public policy research and events. Launched in 2001.
- Human Rights Jobs - covering legal, campaigning and administrative jobs. Launched in early 2005.
- Policy Jobs - covering research, policy making, and academic jobs in many fields including: foreign policy, economics, social policy, family policy, legal affairs and fiscal policy. Policy Jobs was launched in 2003
- Ethical Jobs is regularly updated with jobs and resumes in Ethical fields - Charities, Corporate Social Responsibility, Family & Children and other categories. Ethical Jobs was launched in October 2005.

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